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Scroll down to read and accept the terms and conditions for payment and forms due for RNN Training / Programs.


You agree to make full payment for either the Nelson 5-Point Assessment and/or Private and/or Group Training. There are NO refunds for any unused training dates and each player/parent understands that if you miss a lesson you are still responsible for that date unless a prior agreement has been made with brvc, LLC. Each training program has specific number of lessons and fee’s assigned based on when a player enters the program and/or grade/age of athlete. These terms will be discussed prior to selecting training dates. All dates will be confirmed and agreed upon based on what court time and dates are available for RNN Training. All 15 session programs are to be completed within 5 months with 3 groups a month unless an agreement has been made to modify this program.

All players wanting to schedule an assessment or train private and/or group must complete a Nelson 5-Point Assessment Online contract form in order to be scheduled for the initial assessment. This assessment will not only determine what type of training is needed but also to determine whether the trainer is compatible with the player and parents. The following forms must be completed and signed by both athlete and parent: brvc, LLC Participate Waiver, brvc, LLC Photo Release and Net Results Waiver. Scheduling for assessment will be based on availability of court time. Once a date is confirmed by brvc, LLC, payment is made in full and all 3 forms are completed and received, the assessment date will be set. Each family must understand that flexibility is critical as some times/dates might need to be adjusted based on facility conflicts and/or changes. Once the assessment is completed the parent/athlete and trainer will discuss the options to see if the training is a suitable match for all.

Any further training that will be provided will be based on availability of RNN Schedule. Each family will be provided dates that are available and once dates and times are agreed upon FULL online payment will be due unless other arrangements have been made with brvc, LLC. Players and parents understand that RNN training is not selected based on skill or age but whether they are a good match and the athlete is coachable at all times.

High school players are required to mentor at least 1 session (1 hour) for each of their training sessions. These may be counted for your school community service hours. In addition, the player will need to take an online course (BYOP® 101) in order to prepare the player for mentoring along with agreeing to the guidelines sent to players.